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Don’t limit your hedge trimmer to only hedges. Many plants benefit from a ‘haircut’ and a tidy up and you get to reap the rewards from their good looks and additional growth.  Hence, it’s important to choose a model that best suits your garden.

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What to consider


Image highlighting the different bar lengths on RYOBI Hedge Trimmers

Bar length

A longer bar will trim an established hedge with fewer passes, but while bigger might be better in some situations, a blade that is too long (and heavy) might actually slow you down and make you fatigue faster. Smaller bar lengths are easier to manoeuvre too – great for tricky topiaries.

The rotating handle on a Ryobi hedge trimmer

Rotating handle

If you need to use horizontal and vertical strokes to trim your hedge, a useful feature is rotating rear handle. It not only improves control and comfort, it can also lessen fatigue, meaning you can keep going for longer, or get the job done faster.

A close up of the blades of a Ryobi hedge trimmer

Thick cuts

Some larger hedge trimmers incorporate different-shaped teeth in the 30% of the bar closest to the handle. These are designed to ‘cut’ rather than trim material that is thicker in diameter than the trimmer’s normal capacity. They are most effective when used in a ‘to and fro’ motion while the blades are engaged with the material.

A Ryobi hedge trimmer with hedge sweep blade

Hedge sweep

An addition like a Hedge Sweep, a bar that removes debris as you trim, can be handy because it stops the blades from encountering too much material. It’s particularly useful for horizontal cuts on top of hedges.

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The 36V range is a battery powered alternative to traditional, high maintenance, petrol equipment. It’s truly Power Made Easy.