Pressure washers are powerful outdoor cleaning machines

They produce high pressure water streams while their different nozzles remove dirt, debris and stubborn stains from paths, driveways, decks, vehicles, boats and sheds. They can even clean home exteriors and windows. Pressure washers come in many sizes and pressure outputs and have an array of built-in, on-board features and accessories. Consequently, some are better suited to certain tasks than others. Knowing what you want to use a pressure washer for will help in your purchasing decision.

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What to consider


Recommended angles for getting best results with a Ryobi pressure washer


Nozzles direct the pressurised water produced from the washer’s motor on to the targeted area. Most pressure washers in the market have interchangeable nozzles to suit a variety of tasks.

On-board storage

Look for a pressure washer that stores its various nozzles, hoses and lances on-board. A wind-up pressure hose can be a useful feature.

Cleaning reach

The combination of power cord length (for electric models) and pressure hose length determines the cleaning reach of a unit. The longer the cleaning reach, the more freedom you have to move around without having to reconnect to a power source. Note that some models have shorter cords and hoses than others.

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