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Welcome to your new ZTR Ride-on Mower

On this page you'll find lots of useful information to help with assembly, maintenance and troubleshooting. Please be sure to register your mower by clicking the tab below (if you haven't already done so) to gain an additional 2-year warranty (6 years in total).

RYOBI RXT support team member shaking hands with a customer who has purchased an 80V Ride-on Mower

RYOBI Experience Team

ZTR Ride-on Mower buyers also have access to the RYOBI Experience Team (RXT). Our RXT product experts can help you to troubleshoot and provide general advice and assistance.

RXT field agents in Metro Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane are available to help you onsite, rather than facing expensive transportation and insurance costs related to getting your mower to a service centre. All RXT agents are stocked with spare parts and accessories, to get you back out mowing faster! You can call the Team on: 1300 697 9624


We recommend watching this detailed assembly video for your ZTR Ride-on mower before getting started.

Operating manuals


    Your RYOBI 80V HP Battery is designed to provide maximum trouble-free life. To obtain the longest possible battery life, always:

    • Remove the battery from the charger once it is fully charged and ready for use.
    • Store in a dry, room temperature environment.
    • When fully depleted after use on the mower, make sure to place on the charger to charge it fully.
    • If the mower won't be used for longer than a month, leave the battery with a 40-60% state of charge to promote lithium cell life.
    • Download the free RYOBI Ride-on Mower mobile App from the Apple App store or Google Play store
    • Activate Bluetooth on your mobile
    • From the home screen on your mobile, launch the RYOBI Ride-On Mower App
    • Tap the Get Started button in the welcome screen
    • At the bottom of the Get Started screen, tap Add to pair the product
    • Your mobile will ask if you want to receive notifications – you can decline or accept notifications and change this setting later
    • Select your product model – check the cutting desk size and model number of your product and select that same size and model in the app screen, then tap Continue
    • Turn on your mower by inserting the start key and turning it to the ON position
    • Once the product is on, tap Continue
    • Press the BLUETOOTH button on your Mower
    • Tap Pair to my ZTR on your mobile app
    • The mobile app will search for your Mower
    • The LCD on your Mower and the mobile app will notify when the connection is successful
    • If the connection fails, make sure your phone is within 15m of your mower and try again
      • When your ride-on mower is successfully paired with your device, the app will remember your connection and show it active within the home screen of the app.
      • It will display information such as total run time.
    • No, the product is designed to run on 80V batteries.
    • At least one 80V battery is required to operate the product.
    • 36V batteries are designed as boosters or an extension to the energy storage that increases the overall runtime.
    • Regularly check and clean away any build-up of clippings.
    • Clean with a blower, brush and/or rag.
    • Never use water or other liquids to clean the ride on mower.
    • Don't leave your RYOBI Brushless Lithium Zero Turn Ride-On Mower plugged into the charger when not in use.
    • Disconnect the product from the charger once it's fully charged.

    More questions? Visit our help centre or call 1800 MY RYOBI.