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90mm 3-Piece Polishing Pad Set


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$ 25.99
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Price correct as of 19th October 2023, 08:30am.

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Transform your drill into an efficient cutting, polishing or waxing tool with the RYOBI 90mm 3-Piece Polishing Pad Set. This set includes a 90mm cutting pad (maroon), 90mm polishing pad (yellow), and 90mm waxing pad (black), suitable for all your detailing needs! These Detailing Pads are ideal for vehicles and working on metals, chrome, engineered stone, timber, and glass surfaces.

The soft, high-density foam material is designed for maximum durability whilst providing a delicate touch to surfaces and is highly resistant to heavy-duty detailing compounds. On the back of these pads is a hook and loop system that quickly and securely attaches to the compatible Drill Backing Pad (sold separately).

Available in-store and online from Bunnings Warehouse.
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    Set includes: 90mm cutting pad, 90mm polishing pad, 90mm waxing pad
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    Suitable for vehicle, metal, engineered stone, timber and glass surfaces
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    Resistant to heavy-duty detailing compounds
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    Compatible with the RYOBI 90mm Drill Backing Pad (RDBP90)
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    125mm Hook and Loop Polishing Pad thumbnail
    125mm Hook and Loop Polishing Pad
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    High Density Foam
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