Hanging Wall Storage Open Shelf  


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Always have the right tools within reach with the RYOBI Hanging Wall Storage - Open Shelf. The hanging space allows for 4 ONE+ tools to be kept upside down and easily accessible. Above that, you'll find the 3 shelves for easy storage of drill bits, batteries, multi tool attachments, and any other accessories for your ONE+ tools. And for added storage, the peg holes on the side panels can create even more hanging options.

Fitting the unit is as simple as a few screws. The pre-drilled screw holes can help you attach the unit where it's needed in the workshop. And once it's hanging, the options are almost limitless. The access holes on the sides give you the option to run a power lead through, to charge your ONE+ batteries from the unit. No matter how you need your hanging storage unit to work, the Open Shelf Hanging Storage unit can handle it.

Grab your RYOBI open shelf hanging storage unit from your local Bunnings Warehouse today.

*Please note - Maximum weight capacity 125kg, please refer to manual for recommended weight distribution.

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    All steel construction for extra durability

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    5 holders for power tools

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    Easy attachment to walls

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    Peg holes, and pull through power access holes for ultimate versatility

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    Ryobi Hanging Storage- Open Shelf thumbnail
    Ryobi Hanging Storage- Open Shelf
    Wall Mountable
    Wall Mountable
    Power Tool Slots
    Power Tool Slots

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