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Metal Conical Rotary File


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Price correct as of 23rd November 2023, 04:00am.

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Shape, grind, deburr, round over sharp edges and smooth metal surfaces with the RYOBI Metal Conical Rotary File. Its conical design is great for working in tight spaces and around curves - areas where flat or half-round files may struggle.

Black Oxide coating reduces friction and heat build up, ensuring work pieces aren’t burnt. The tough coating also extends the working life of the file.

The ¼” Hex Shank provides a better fitment for drill/drivers (not recommended for use with impact drivers).

Available in-store and online from Bunnings Warehouse.

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    Conical shape for accessing tight spaces and curves

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    Black Oxide coating for reduced heat build up and longer file life

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    ¼” Hex Shank

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    Metal Conical Rotary File thumbnail
    Metal Conical Rotary File
    Packaging Dimensions
    Packaging Dimensions
    60 x 14mm

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