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18V ONE+ 3-Piece Upcycling 2 x 2.0Ah Kit


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$ 219.00
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Price correct as of 19th October 2023, 08:30am.

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Restore old furniture and transform unwanted items into something new with the RYOBI 18V ONE+ 3-Piece Upcycling Kit. This Kit includes an 18V ONE+ Drill Driver, 18V ONE+ Jigsaw, 18V ONE+ Palm Sander, 2 x 18V ONE+ Compact 2.0Ah Batteries and 18V ONE+ 1.5A Charger. These are essential tools for cutting drilling, screwdriving and sanding.

Use the 18V ONE+ Drill Driver as a powerful screwdriver and drill when building and restoring workpieces. It has a powerful motor and a 13mm keyless chuck that accepts all standard-sized drill bits and enables tool-free accessory changes. It has 2 speeds and 24 clutch torque settings for screwdriving, which are easy to adjust for working on different materials. These settings also help prevent over-tightening and damaging fasteners.

Make straight and curved cuts with the 18V ONE+ Jigsaw. Various settings give you enhanced control for cutting intricate shapes out of timber and other recycled materials (with the correct blade installed). The pendulum dial adjusts the orbital cutting action for different materials. Higher settings produce faster, more aggressive cuts. Lower settings transition to an up-and down blade motion, which gives you more control. The tool-free blade clamp makes it quick and easy to change over blades.

Achieve the right finish on those hard-to-reach spots with the 18V ONE+ Palm Sander. It's great for sanding timber, metal and plastic. It only weighs 610g without the battery, so it's easy to manoeuvre. The lock-on switch enables continuous use without the need to hold a trigger. With a hook and loop base it's easy to change over sanding sheets. It also has a detachable dust port for use with a dust collection system.

Use the two 18V ONE+ Compact 2.0Ah Batteries for powering all tools from this kit. They're also suitable for powering smaller tools and lights from the RYOBI ONE+ range. Use the 18V ONE+ 1.5A Charger to charge any battery from the ONE+ range.

Available in-store and online from Bunnings Warehouse.
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    Batteries are fully compatible with 150+ Products
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    Includes carry bag for storage and transportation
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    Ideal for restoring old furniture and transform unwanted items into something new
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    18V Jigsaw thumbnail
    18V Jigsaw
    18V  Cordless Compact Drill Driver thumbnail
    18V Cordless Compact Drill Driver
    ONE+ Compact 2.0Ah Battery thumbnail
    ONE+ Compact 2.0Ah Battery
    18V Corner Sander thumbnail
    18V Corner Sander
    Owners Manual thumbnail
    Owners Manual
    1.5A Charger thumbnail
    1.5A Charger
    Amp hours
    Amp hours
    2 x 2.0Ah
    Tools Included
    Tools Included
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