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150mm Auger Bit


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Price correct as of 9th April 2024, 03:30am.

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Customise your digging tool by attaching the RYOBI 150mm Auger Bit. This Auger Bit is an accessory for RYOBI R36PHD00 and ODT1800 digging tools (both sold separately). Dig holes with a 150mm width and maximum depth of 800mm. These hole sizes are suitable for planting trees and shrubs or installing posts for fences and gates.

Available via the Special Orders Desk from Bunnings Warehouse.
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    Suitable for shrub and tree planting or post installations
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    150mm width, 800mm depth
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    Compatible with RYOBI R36PHD00 and ODT1800 digging tools
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    Digging Holes
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    150mm Auger Bit
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