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80V Integrated 42” Catcher And Blades Kit


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Price correct as of 23rd November 2023, 04:00am.

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Enable your 80V 42” Lithium Zero Turn Ride-On Mower (R80XZTR42) to catch grass clippings with the RYOBI 80V Integrated 42” Catcher and Blades Kit. This Kit includes a Soft Top Catcher, Durable High Density Polyethylene Catcher Tube and 4 x 21” Replacement Catching Blades.

The Catching Blades are shaped to cut and send grass clippings up the Catcher Tube for collection. Grass clippings collect in the Soft Top Catcher, which has a large, 220L capacity.

The Catcher’s independent nylon mesh bins separate grass clippings into two loads, making them easier to empty. Airflow through the mesh bin material improves catching performance of your Ride-On Mower.

Available via the Special Orders Desk from Bunnings Warehouse.

Please note: No assembly tools required.

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    220L catcher capacity with two independent nylon mesh bins

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    Nylon mesh catcher design for optimised airflow and catcher performance

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    Tool-free installation

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    80V Integrated 42” Catcher And Blades Kit
    80V Integrated 42” Catcher And Blades Kit - Manual