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80V Integrated 30” Catcher & Blades Kit


I/N: 0513700
$ 629.00

Price correct as of 23rd November 2023, 04:00am.

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Add a RYOBI 80V Integrated 30” Catcher and Blades Kit to your RYOBI 80V 30” Zero Turn Ride-On Mower (R80XZTR30) to catch grass clippings and clean up as you mow. This Kit features a Nylon Mesh Catcher, High-Density Polyethylene Catcher Tube and 2 x 15” Replacement Catching Blades.

The Catching Blades are shaped to cut and send grass clippings up the Catcher Tube for collection. Airflow through the Catcher’s mesh material further enhances your Mower’s catching performance.

Pull the Catcher’s one-handed lever to empty grass clippings more efficiently. The Catcher’s generous 125L capacity ensures you’ll spend more time mowing and less time emptying grass clippings.

The Catcher Tube’s integrated chute enables your 30” Zero Turn Mower to still fit through any 36” wide gate.

Available via the Special Orders Desk from Bunnings Warehouse.

Please note: No assembly tools required.

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    125L catcher capacity

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    One-handed lever for grass clipping disposal

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    Nylon mesh catcher design for superior airflow

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    Tool-free installation

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    Designed for use with the 80V HP™ 30” Lithium Zero Turn Ride-On Mower (R80XZTR30)

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    80V Integrated 30” Catcher & Blades Kit
    80V Integrated 30” Catcher & Blades Kit - Manual