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42” Ride-On Mower Side Discharge Blades 2 Pack


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$ 77.90
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Price correct as of 9th February 2024, 08:30am.

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Equip your RYOBI 42” Ride-On Mower to side discharge grass clippings with the RYOBI 42” Ride-On Mower Side Discharge Blades 2 Pack. This Pack includes two Side Discharge Blades designed to cut and propel grass clippings from your Ride-On Mower’s side discharge chute.

Side Discharge Blades are a great option for cutting long grass. Their unique design puts less strain on your ride-on mower’s motor, which optimises runtime.

These Mower Replacement Blades are only suitable for RYOBI 42” Ride-On Mowers including RY48ZTR100 and R80XZTR42.

Available via the Special Orders Desk from Bunnings Warehouse.
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    42" blade length for maximum cutting swathe
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    Restores original blade cutting performance
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    High quality steel blade
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    Cutting grass
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    42” Ride-On Mower Side Discharge Blade thumbnail
    42” Ride-On Mower Side Discharge Blade
    Blade Material
    Blade Material
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