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38" Ride-On Lawn Mower Catching Blades


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$ 65.50
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Price correct as of 9th April 2024, 04:30am.

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Does your grass turn brown or look ripped after you mow? These are signs you should replace the blades with some RYOBI Ride-On Lawn Mower Catching Blades.

These two 19" blades are suitable for the RYOBI 38" ride-on mower and are specially designed to enhance its catching performance.

We also offer mulching blades for the RYOBI 38" ride-on lawn mower, so you can swap between catching and mulching as desired. We recommend swapping both blades simultaneously to maintain even distribution and balanced performance.

Pick up the RYOBI Ride-On Lawn Mower Catching Blades from your nearest Bunnings.
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    Specially designed blade geometry for best performance
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    Nylon locking nuts for ease of replacemen
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    Cutting grass
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    default feature icon Cutting grass

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