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Universal Shoulder Strap


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$ 23.98

Price correct as of 9th April 2024, 04:30am.

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The strong and durable RYOBI universal shoulder strap is designed to fit most line trimmers and blower vacs, making them easier to use while reducing fatigue.

The adjustable strap is designed for a universal fit. It helps distribute weight and ease the burden of carrying your power garden tools around your yard and garden. The universal shoulder strap is a great way to make those long jobs that little bit easier, helping you spend more time in your garden and less time nursing sore arms.

The features you'll appreciate in this handy accessory include:

Strong and durable design

Adjustable straps created with comfort in mind

Quick release clip to easily attach and detach

Rubber shoulder padding for added comfort

If you're after a practical way to lessen the impact of using garden equipment like line trimmers and blower vacs, check your local Bunnings Warehouse for availability of the RYOBI universal shoulder strap.
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    Single shoulder strap to help reduce fatigue over extended use
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    Adjustable strap for user comfort
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    Quick release safety tab
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    Compaitble with all Line Trimmers and Brushcutters that include attachment hook on shaft
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