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Rotary File Cyclindrical Metal


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Price correct as of 3rd November 2023, 08:30am.

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Shape, grind, deburr, round over sharp edges and smooth larger metal surfaces with the RYOBI Metal Cylindrical Rotary File. Its cylindrical design is great for shaping and smoothing larger metal edges and surfaces quickly and efficiently.

Black Oxide coating reduces friction and heat build up, ensuring work pieces aren't burnt. The tough coating also extends the working life of the file.

The ¼” Hex Shank provides a better fitment for drill/drivers (not recommended for use with impact drivers).

Available in-store and online from Bunnings Warehouse.
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    Cylindrical shape for working on larger areas
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    Black Oxide coating for reduced heat build up and longer file life
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    ¼” Hex Shank
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    6mm Forstner Bit thumbnail
    6mm Forstner Bit
    Packaging Dimensions
    Packaging Dimensions
    55 x 15 x 15mm
    Material Coating
    Material Coating
    Black Oxide Coating
    1/4" HexinchHex
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