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90mm 2-piece Soft Foam Sponge Set


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$ 15.99
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Price correct as of 19th October 2023, 08:30am.

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Turn your drill into a multi-purpose cleaning tool with the RYOBI 90mm 2-Piece Soft Foam Sponge Set. These sponges are suitable for cleaning cars, bathrooms, kitchens, and glass surfaces including windows and mirrors.

The high-density sponge material is resistant to heavy-duty cleaning solutions and allows for maximum water absorption. The back of each sponge pad features a hook and loop system that securely connects to the RYOBI 90mm Drill Backing Pad (sold separately). This system enables you to quickly switch between accessories while maintaining a strong connection.

Available in-store and online at Bunnings Warehouse.

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    Set includes two Soft Foam Sponges

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    Suitable for cleaning vehicles, bathrooms, kitchens, windows and mirrors

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    Resistant to heavy-duty cleaning solutions

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    Compatible with the RYOBI 90mm Drill Backing Pad (RDBP90)

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