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90 Piece Multi Material Drill & Standard Drive Kit


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The RYOBI 90PC Multi-Material Drill & Standard Drive Set is a must-have for DIY enthusiasts. Suitable for use with wood, metal, plastic and other materials, it has drilling and driving bits for almost any DIY application.

This RYOBI set comes in a clear case for easy storage and identification of bits. It features black oxide HSS bits designed to reduce heat and corrosion, offering prolonged bit life. The HSS bits also have a 135° angle to prevent the bit from walking.

Starting from Brad point bits for precision drilling applications, to spade bits for medium sized holes and holesaws for larger holes ranging up to 54mm, this set has your wood drilling needs covered.

Whether you're anchoring decking boards, putting up shelves or tackling another DIY job, this kit includes RYOBI driver bits in multiple different types (including PH, SQ, SL, HEX) and torque driver bits for all your fastening needs.

The RYOBI 90PC Multi-Material Drill & Standard Drive Set is available at Bunnings. Pick it up today.

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    Clear case with handle for easy storage and bit identification
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    Black oxide coating reduces heat and corrosion for prolonged bit life
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    Variety of specialised wood drill bits for wood drilling applications
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    Wide array of driver bits, including PH, SQ, SL and HEX sizes
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Limited Time Only
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