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8-Piece Forstner Bit Set


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Price correct as of 19th October 2023, 08:30am.

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Drill and boar clean flat bottom holes in timber with the RYOBI 8-Piece Forstner Bit Set. These Forstner bits range in size from 6mm-35mm. Refined bit edges produce clean and tidy flat bottom holes that are ideal for installing wooden dowels, cabinet door hinges and many other applications.

The x-wing shape of the tip provides optimal wood chip ejection and greater visibility whilst drilling. On the tip of each bit is a centre point that eliminates bit wobble. This feature ensures more precision drilling and start-ups.

Available in-store and online from Bunnings Warehouse.

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    Set includes: 8 forstner bits sized from 6mm-35mm

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    X-wing design for optimal wood ejection

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    Centre point for precision drilling and start-ups

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    Refined bit edges for creating cleaner holes

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