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5-Piece 50mm Impact Driving Bit Set With Magnetic Sleeve


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$ 7.99
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Price correct as of 5th March 2024, 08:30am.

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Get a more secure grip on fasteners with the RYOBI 5-Piece 50mm Impact Driving Bit Set with Magnetic Sleeve. This Set includes 4 x 50mm Impact Driving Bits and a Magnetic Sleeve.

This Driving Bit Set is great for all your driving needs. Use it with your impact driver or drill driver, for decking installation, building shelves and various other DIY jobs that require repetitive driving.

Each Driving Bit has a magnetic tip for a secure hold on fasteners. These tips are also precision milled for enhanced fitment and less cam-outs.

A torsion zone on each Driving Bit absorbs impacts from high torque applications. The Magnetic Sleeve assists with fastener retention and helps prevent dropped fasteners.

Available in-store and online from Bunnings Warehouse.
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    Magnetic tip for enhanced fastener retention
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    Precision milled tip for enhanced fitment and less cam-outs
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    Torsion zone absorbs impact from high torque applications
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    Magnetic sleeve provides additional retention
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    Magnetic Sleeve
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    50mm PH2 Impact Rated Driving Bits
    76 x 15 x 126mm
    Tool Only Weight
    Tool Only Weight

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