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Wood Door Lock Installation Kit


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Accurately prepare your timber door for a new lock and handle installation with the RYOBI Wood Door Lock Installation Kit. This kit features essential tool accessories required for drilling and cutting holes into a timber door. These accessories include a door lock bracket, backset and door thickness inserts, 50mm hole saw, arbor with pilot bit, 25mm wood spade bit and guide, bronze oxide drill bits (3/32 and 1/8) and a 2" double-ended screwdriver bit.

The AutoStrike Locator™ provides a measurement-free way to align door and jamb holes for drilling and cutting. Adjustable inserts allow for a variety of standard door hardware pieces to be fitted. These adjustable inserts are compatible with 60mm and 70mm standard door backsets and doors with a 35mm or 45mm thickness.

The spade bit guide assists with self-centring holes within the AutoStrike Locator™. So, if you want to achieve a professional-looking finish for your next door furniture installation, use the tool accessories in this kit to get the job done.

Available in-store and online from Bunnings Warehouse.

Please note: A standard drill driver (sold separately) is required to cut and drill holes with the accessories provided in this kit.

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    AutoStrike Locator™ for aligning door brackets with strike plates

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     Adjustable inserts compatible with 60mm or 70mm standard door backsets

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    Spade bit guide for centering holes within the AutoStrike Locator™

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    Attaches to doors using doorknob/deadbolt screws

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    RYOBI Door Lock Kit - Timber
    Door Backset
    Door Backset

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