18V ONE+ 4A 6-Port Charger


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Price correct as of 9th April 2024, 05:00am.

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Charge multiple 18V ONE+ batteries sequentially with the RYOBI 18V ONE+ 6-Port Charger. With a fast, 4A charging rate, this unit will help get your 18V ONE+ batteries fully charged and back in your favourite tools sooner. It's also backwards compatible so you can charge all previous RYOBI 18V ONE+ batteries.

This 6-Port Charger is wall mountable. So, it's easy to setup your own charging station in the home, workshop or garage. Use the charge status indicator to see how much charge is left in your batteries.

This Charger also has a USB A charging port. So now you can have one convenient location for charging all your 18V ONE+ batteries and small electrical devices, like your phone or bluetooth speakers.

Available in-store and online from Bunnings Warehouse.
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    Rapid 4A sequential charge rate
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    Backwards compatible with all previous 18V ONE+ Batteries
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    LED panel displays charge, temperature and overload status
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    Owners Manual
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    18V ONE+ 6-Port Charger
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    Charger Type
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    Charge Rate
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    Charger Input
    220V-240 (AC)V
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    18V ONE+

    Our ONE+ system's interchangeable battery powers over 150 tools ... and counting. It doesn't matter how many tools we release, our battery will never change. So your battery, new or old, will always fit every one of our tools. Make something to be proud of today with RYOBI ONE+