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Get the most out of your blower vac with the RYOBI 35L blower vac bag. For the perfect looking garden, gutters or garage, you'll need the help of a powerful blower vac. But to keep your blower vac functioning efficiently and effectively, you'll need the 35L blower vac bag.

The refined material has been designed to maximise both efficiency and durability. Both the bag material and zip have been added with the intention of lasting a lifetime. But you'll still find the material is breathable enough to allow for maximum airflow.

For the best care, you can wash the bag in light detergent and dry it by hand. Together, you and your 35L blower vac bag will be ready to polish your property more times than you could count.

Get your RYOBI 35L blower vac bag from your local Bunnings Warehouse today.
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    High-quality zip and material
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    Convenient 35L capacity
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    Breathable material allows for maximum airflow
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    Blowing Debris/Leaves
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    Vacuuming Debris/Leaves
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    Gutter Cleaning
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Special Order
    35L Blower Vac Bag thumbnail
    35L Blower Vac Bag
    Bag Capacity
    Bag Capacity
    Bag Opening
    Bag Opening
    default feature icon Blowing Debris/Leaves
    default feature icon Vacuuming Debris/Leaves
    default feature icon Gutter Cleaning

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