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18V ONE+ 9.0Ah Twin Battery Pack


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The RYOBI 18V ONE+ Twin 9.0Ah Battery Pack features not one but two of the biggest ONE+ Battery sizes. Bigger really is better with all the extra power and runtime you’ll get for mowing and edging your lawn, cultivating soil, cutting timber, pruning thick branches and more.

These 9.0Ah Batteries are great for high-energy drawing power tools such as ONE+ HP™ Mowers, Blowers, Cultivators, Benchtop Saws and Chainsaws. Take them on camping trips to power your favourite ONE+ camping tools including Lanterns, Bug Zappers, Fans, Radios, Inverters, Inflators and the Fridge Freezer!

IntelliCell™ technology monitors and balances each individual cell of the Batteries for longer life and additional safety. Temperature control, overload and deep discharge protection extend the life of these Batteries. Use the on-board fuel gauge to check how much charge is left in each Battery.

Available in-store and online from Bunnings Warehouse.

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    Great for high-energy drawing ONE+ tools

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    IntelliCell™ technology monitors and balances each individual cell

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    Temperature control, overload and deep discharge protection

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    On-board fuel gauge

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    18V ONE+

    Our ONE+ system's interchangeable battery powers over 150 tools ... and counting. It doesn't matter how many tools we release, our battery will never change. So your battery, new or old, will always fit every one of our tools. Make something to be proud of today with RYOBI ONE+