18V ONE+ 5.0Ah Twin Battery Pack


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$ 239.00

Price correct as of 18th October 2023, 08:02am.

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Bring home the muscle behind the world’s greatest home and outdoor tool range. For over 200 diverse tools to use around the home, in the garden or even camping – there’s only one battery you’ll need. And with the RYOBI ONE+ 5.0Ah battery kit, you can own a pair of them.

The ultimate range of tools requires the ultimate battery. So the RYOBI ONE+ 5.0Ah batteries both come fitted with the best in convenience and durability. Each battery is protected against overloading or deep discharge while staying in control of the temperature.

But to make usage more convenient, each battery includes its own fuel gauge to indicate the remaining charge. So as you use one 5.0Ah battery, the other can charge. With two batteries on hand, you’ll be able to get any jobs done around the home or in the garden with ease.

Grab your RYOBI ONE+ 5.0Ah battery kit from your local Bunnings Warehouse today.

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    Compatible with more than 150 RYOBI 18V ONE+ tools
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    On-board fuel gauge indicates battery power status
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    Temperature control, overload and deep discharge protection
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    Intelli-Cell™ technology monitors and balances each individual cell
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    18V 5.0Ah Lithium Battery
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    18V ONE+

    Our ONE+ system's interchangeable battery powers over 150 tools ... and counting. It doesn't matter how many tools we release, our battery will never change. So your battery, new or old, will always fit every one of our tools. Make something to be proud of today with RYOBI ONE+