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Airwave Inflator Air Tool Kit


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$ 39.95
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Use the RYOBI AIRWAVE Inflator Air Tool Kit to inflate tyres on a vehicle, trolley, or wheelbarrow using the Dial Inflator. Then blast away excess dirt and debris on engine bays and workshop surfaces with the Blow Gun. It's also ideal for non-contact drying in hard to reach places.

Connect either of the air tools to your air compressor using the included 5m hose that neatly coils up for compact storage.

Find this Air Tool kit available in-store or online from your local Bunnings Warehouse.
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    Dial Inflator for pumping up tyres on cars, trucks, trolleys, etc.
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    Blow Gun for quick cleaning tasks in garage and workshop areas
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    Compact 5m coil hose included
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    Blow up toys
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    Blow Gun
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    Dial Inflator
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    5m Hose with Fittings
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    Nitto Style Plug
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    Owners Manual
    Fitting Type
    Fitting Type
    NITTO® Style
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    Discover the convenience of air tools with the RYOBI Airwave range. These pneumatic tools offer lightweight and simple designs, lower costs, and great versatility – all using a reliable source of power (an Airwave air compressor). From impact drivers and finishing nailers, to grinders and orbital sanders, this collection features a comprehensive range of air tools.