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Airwave Engine Cleaning Gun


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The RYOBI AIRWAVE™ Engine Cleaning Gun is a great all-round cleaner for attacking detailed areas of your car or removing oil, grease, and tar from those hard to clean components. Fill the 750ml container with water or cleaning solution, attach the gun to an air compressor and blast away dirt, grime and grease from engine bays, wheels and other parts.

This pneumatic cleaning gun forces air at 58PSI combined with the cleaning solution and can be adjusted up to 87PSI to get the best results. The spray nozzle is fully adjustable to provide either a narrow or wide spray pattern.

This RYOBI AIRWAVE™ Engine Cleaning Gun includes a Nitto style plug to easily connect your tool to an air compressor. Pick up yours today at Bunnings.
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    Cleaning gun forces air at 58PSI combined with the cleaning solution and can be adjusted up to 87PSI to get the best results
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    Adjustable spray nozzle
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    Nitto style plug connects to most air compressor models
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    Nitto Style Plug
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    Engine Cleaning Gun
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    Owners Manual
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    Fitting Type
    NITTO® Style
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    Tank Capacity
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    Airwave Engine Cleaning Gun - Manual

    Discover the convenience of air tools with the RYOBI Airwave range. These pneumatic tools offer lightweight and simple designs, lower costs, and great versatility – all using a reliable source of power (an Airwave air compressor). From impact drivers and finishing nailers, to grinders and orbital sanders, this collection features a comprehensive range of air tools.