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<span class="o-section__title"><b class="o-section__title--green">36V</b> Garden Range</span>

36V Garden Range

Introducing the 36V garden range from RYOBI. The 36V platform takes the hassle out of gardening by providing you with a range of garden tools giving you the confidence to tackle jobs around the home.

Thanks to RYOBI’s 36V Garden Range, now there's a real battery alternative to petrol and corded electric garden tools. You'll enjoy easy push button start with no pull cords, zero-emissions during use and up to 97% less vibration and noise than a petrol alternative. And there won't be any tangled cords to slow you down. So, you get all the grunt you're looking for, without any of the groans.

Key Features

Power Made Easy

With no cords, petrol or oil to contend with, the 36V range gives you the power you need without the any of the hassle.

Battery Technology

All RYOBI 36V batteries come with built-in Intellicell individual cell monitoring technology that protects your battery from overload, overheating and deep discharge. The High-Tech batteries are in constant communication with the tool making sure you get the most out of each charge.


At RYOBI, we have so much confidence in our 36V products we now back them with a 6 year replacement warranty*, ensuring you have the tools to keep your garden pristine for years to come! *Requires online registration. 3 year warranty on batteries and chargers.

Zero Emissions

Nobody likes a noisy neighbour! The 36V range runs quieter than traditional petrol motors and best of all there’s no smells, emissions or pollution while you’re at work.

One Battery, Endless Possibilities

If you’ve got a medium to large backyard, the 36V range of garden tools are for you. Designed with the power and runtime you need to tackle those bigger spaces, you can now change between mowing, hedging and more with a simple change of the battery.

Top Sellers

Whether you’re new to the 36V platform or looking to grow your range we’ve picked out some of our top sellers to help you with your next purchase.