This is the Future of Mowing.

Battery Powered Ride on Mower

Experience the ride-on mower that requires almost no maintenance or upkeep. The RYOBI Battery Powered Ride on Mower is your efficient, powerful and high-tech solution to lawn maintenance. Each 48V 75Ah battery included in the kit can power your mower through up to 2 acres of lawn, or 2 hours of runtime. And to make sure you can get the job completely done, this kit comes with four 75Ah batteries. Thanks to the power of electric, there’s no more belts, pulleys, spark plugs, fuel or oil. With the plug of a battery and press of a button, you’ll be off and away on your ride-on mower. The 3 onboard brushless motors reduce friction from internal mechanisms, resulting in a greater runtime and increased power output. To handle your yard work with all the power of petrol but none of the hassle, get yourself a RYOBI Battery Powered Ride on Mower.

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Goodbye Petrol.
Hello Convenience.

Experience the incredible performance of clean power.

Imagine having all the power of a petrol mower without having to deal with fumes, belts, spark plugs, or filters again. Get up to 2 hours of run time or cut up to 2 acres on a single charge with this quiet, smooth battery powered riding mower. Welcome to the world of convenience.

2 Hours
2 Acres

2 Hours or 2 acres of mowing run time on a single charge

0 CO

No petrol and zero carbon emissions


Superior durability covered for 3 years

3 Brushless

High Torque motors power blades and drivetrain

Features: Performance

Ultimate Cutting Performance

  • 12-position deck height
  • Twin-blade Precision Cut Steel Blades
  • 2 Direct Drive Brushless Blade Motors
  • Side-discharge, Mulching or Bag (Bagger Sold Separately)

Intuitive, Responsive Handling

  • 41cm Turning Radius
  • Responsive Car-like Handling
  • Cruise Control
  • LED Headlights

Exceptional Durability

  • Rugged Steel Frame Design
  • Reinforced 2.0mm Steel Deck
  • Weather Resistant Deck & Sealed Components

Superior Comfort & Convenience

  • Adjustable seat
  • USB phone charger & phone holder
  • Cup holder
  • Overmolded steering wheel
  • Spacious pedal contact area
  • Low noise and no heat

Features: Technology

Control Panel

Photo: close-up of feature
  • LED Battery Level Indicator
  • LED Unit Hour Meter
  • USB Phone Charger & Phone Holder
  • Cruise Control
  • Forward, Neutral, Reverse Controls
  • Reverse Mode Option
  • Headlights On/Off
  • Blade Activation
  • Start Key

Brushless Motors

Photo: close-up of feature
  • Directly Generating Greater Torque to The Blades and Wheels
  • Low Maintenance: No Belts, Spark Plugs, or Filters
  • Convenience: No Petrol, No Fumes and Low Noise

Batteries and Charging

Photo: close-up of feature
  • 48v 75 Ah High Capacity Battery
  • Power for up to 2 hours or 2 acres of run time
  • Convenient overnight charging
  • Easy access rear charging port


Photo: close-up of feature
  • Beeper Indication for Parking Brake Reminder
  • Operator Presence Control
  • Key Removal Reminder
  • Reverse Reminder
  • LED Headlights
  • Parking brake
Photo: Hero shot of RYOBI Electric Riding Mower


Diagram: Mower, Top Down Diagram: Mower, Front


Mowing and Cutting

  • 96.5cm Cutting Width
  • 38mm Minimum Cutting Height
  • 114mm Maximum Cutting Height
  • 12-position Deck Height Adjustment
  • Side-discharge, Mulching & Bagging Capable
  • 2 Direct Drive (beltless) Brushless Blade Motors

Handling and Control

  • Cruise Control
  • 41cm Turning Radius
  • 13km.h Maximum Forward Speed
  • 8km.h Maximum Cutting Speed
  • 5km.h Maximum Reverse Speed
  • Adjustable Seat
  • 1 Direct Drive Brushless Drivetrain Motor

Control Panel

  • Cruise Control
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • Hour Meter
  • USB Phone Charger & Phone Holder
  • FWD/N/REV Switch
  • Start Key
  • Headlights ON/OFF


  • LED Headlights
  • Operator Presence Control
  • Quiet Operation
  • Low Vibration
  • Parking Brake
  • Cup Holder

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