Plaster Repair Replacement Plugs

PRK-RPL01 I/N: 6360302

The RYOBI Plaster Repair Replacement Plugs use the Mandrel and Drive Plate from RYOBI Plaster Repair Starter kit for plaster repair. The single-use hole saws stay in the wall and become the plugs in the drywall. This method is a new, innovative way to repair drywall easily without calling a professional or investing in an abundance of supplies. Get the job done fast with RYOBI's three-step process!

With the RYOBI replacement plugs and using the mandrel and drive plate from the starter kit, plaster repair is completed in 3 Easy Steps: 1.) Cover the hole with the template, pressing adhesive firmly to the wall. 2.) Using your drill, drill the hole saw into wall, using the template as guide. Drill until the hole saw is flush to the wall. The hole saw will remain in wall as the plug. 3.) Fill over the hole saw, then sand and paint the area to complete the wall repair.


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4\", 101mm
replacement plugs
cover plate