Expand-It™ Tiller Attachment

AQTT04G I/N: 3410085

If you are planning any sort of lawn or garden planting, you might be needing a tiller. Ryobi manufactures a tiller attachment that lets you turn your compatible units into this convenient power garden tool.
A tiller is used to turn over dirt that is compacted or rocky, loosening the soil and getting it ready for new grass or plants.
Take advantage of a range of features including:

  • Easy attachment method
  • Full metal safety guard
  • Toolless tines for fast tilling width adjustment
  • Constant torque gearbox for performance and durability.
  • This add-on is suitable for a selection of Ryobi and Homelite models, as well as a variety of other power heads, meaning you can enjoy complete convenience.
    The quality of this tiller attachment means results you can count on. These additions give you versatility from your power garden tools, so invest in your own collection and get down to your local Bunnings Warehouse today.



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Tilling Depth 1
200 mm
Tilling Width
178 - 254 mm
Tilling Diameter
203 mm
No. of Tines

Expand-It™ Tiller Attachment - Model AQTT04G

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