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6mm Cobalt Drill Bit


RHSS-6-CB I/N: 0097147

Prepare your drill for the toughest applications with the RYOBI range of Cobalt Drill Bits. The tough M35 material features a 5% blend of cobalt – greatly increasing the strength of each bit. That strength means that even as you drill at high temperatures, the structural integrity of the bit will be protected – preventing warping and damage over time. Heat build-up is also protected by the sharpened edges of each bit, ensuring there’s as little friction as possible. This also improves the bit’s potential cutting speed significantly.

Each RYOBI Cobalt Drill Bit can provide a clean and precise cut through almost any material. The 135° split point keeps the bit incredibly steady as you start drilling – helping to minimise wandering. And thanks to its tough construction, you’ll be ready to tackle most metal, stainless steel and cast iron drilling. But when it’s time to tackle something lighter, it’ll glide just as easily through plastic or wood. 

For a tough solution to tough drilling, grab yourself a pack of RYOBI Cobalt Drill Bits from your local Bunnings Warehouse today.


Price correct as of 24th September 2019 01:56 AM AEST


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  • 135° split point provides high standard of protection against wandering  
  • Sharpened edges minimise heat build-up and wear over time  
  • M35 material with 5% cobalt blend stays strong when drilling at high temperatures