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5.5mm HSS Drill Bits


RHSS-5B I/N: 0097133

RYOBI’s HSS Drill Bits (high-speed steel) are Fully Ground & engineered to last longer than traditional roll forged bits. Their design makes them ideal for drilling into wood, metal and plastic. It’s just like giving your drill a performance boost. 

Available in a wide range of sizes, the sharpened edges on each bit improve the cutting efficiency so you can complete jobs faster with less effort and with cleaner results. HSS bits will also remain sharper for longer than traditional steel bits. A 118° split point prevents the bit from wandering as you begin to drill, improving accuracy and reducing possible accidental damage to the materials you are drilling. 

Grab yourself a RYOBI HSS Drill Bit today. 


Price correct as of 24th September 2019 01:55 AM AEST


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  • 118° split point prevents the bit from wandering as you start drilling   
  • Cutting edges stay sharper for longer   
  • Ideal for wood, metal and plastic drilling applications