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18V ONE+ 2.5Ah 3 Piece Crafting Kit


RX18CK3-C25P I/N: 0111795

Don’t limit your creativeness by a lack of tools, get this great RYOBI Crafting Kit and get cracking! The kit contains 3 popular cordless tools – a Glue Gun, a Soldering Iron and a Rotary Tool – a 2.5Ah 18V ONE+ battery and a charger. 

The Cordless Glue Gun is ideal for all those ‘sticky’ situations. The Cordless Soldering Iron, once only thought of as an electronics tool, is also handy in many craft applications, such as wood-burning, etching, fabric-cutting (to reduce fraying) and smoothing out the ridges in 3D printed models.

The Cordless Rotary Tool is the perfect tool for polishing, sanding, shaping and cutting. It’s great for wood carving and for removing the last stubborn bits of rust or paint from vintage pieces, and items with deep grooves or tight corners or patterned surfaces, such as rustic outdoor furniture.

The Rotary Tool also has 33 accessories that all fit on the base station, which can lie flat on a bench or can be wall-mounted.

The 18V ONE+ Battery and charger that come with these tools also work with more than 80 tools in the RYOBI ONE+ range. Get your Crafting Kit via the Bunnings Special Orders Desk or Bunnings online.


Price correct as of 17th October 2019 06:57 AM AEDT


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  • Cordless Glue Gun, Soldering Iron and Rotary Tool  
  • Suited to a large variety of crafts and hobbies  
  • Available via Bunnings Special Orders Desk or Bunnings online
18V ONE+ Soldering Iron (R18SOI-0)
18V ONE+ Rotary Tool (R18RT-0)
18V ONE+ Glue Gun (R18GLU-0)
18V ONE+ 2.5Ah Battery (RB18L25)
18V ONE+ Charger