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Recip Blades Set - 3 Pack


RRB3PK I/N: 0048871

Be ready for whatever sawing jobs come your way with the RYOBI Recip Blades  Set - 3 Pack. Each blade has been engineered to fulfil a completely different range of applications, so you’ll always have the right blade for the job. And thanks to each blade’s quality construction, you’ll be guaranteed the maximum performance and durability available.

As the teeth-per-inch (TPI) of your blades increases, you get a slower yet smoother cut. The 3TPI blade is ideal for cutting through tough materials in the garden – like branches or green wood. For a fast cut through project timber, simply switch out for the 6TPI blade. And when it comes time to apply a precise cut to even the toughest materials, the 18TPI blade will slice through smoothly.

Grab your RYOBI Recip Blades  Set - 3 Pack from your local Bunnings Warehouse today.



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  • A blade to suit every stage of cutting
  • Ideal for sawing branches, metals, plastics, and more
  • Designed to optimise both performance and durability
  • 3TPI Pruning Blade i
    6 TPI Wood Cutting Recip Blade
    18TPI Metal Cutting Blade