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How long will the RYOBI Lithium Zero Turn Ride-On Mower battery last?

Your RYOBI 80V HP Battery is designed to provide maximum trouble-free life. To obtain the longest possible battery life, always:

  • Remove the battery from the charger once it is fully charged and ready for use.
  • Store in a dry, room temperature environment.
  • When fully depleted after use on the mower, make sure to place on the charger to charge it fully.
  • If the mower won't be used for longer than a month, leave the battery with a 40-60% state of charge to promote lithium cell life.

How do I pair my RYOBI Lithium Zero Turn Ride-On Mower with ROM App


  • Download the free RYOBI Ride-on Mower mobile App from the Apple App store or Google Play store
  • Activate Bluetooth on your mobile
  • From the home screen on your mobile, launch the RYOBI Ride-On Mower App
  • Tap the Get Started button in the welcome screen
  • At the bottom of the Get Started screen, tap Add to pair the product
  • Your mobile will ask if you want to receive notifications – you can decline or accept notifications and change this setting later
  • Select your product model – check the cutting desk size and model number of your product and select that same size and model in the app screen, then tap Continue
  • Turn on your mower by inserting the start key and turning it to the ON position
  • Once the product is on, tap Continue
  • Press the BLUETOOTH button on your Mower
  • Tap Pair to my ZTR on your mobile app
  • The mobile app will search for your Mower
  • The LCD on your Mower and the mobile app will notify when the connection is successful
  • If the connection fails, make sure your phone is within 15m of your mower and try again

  • How to know if your mower is connected to your phone:
    • When your ride-on mower is successfully paired with your device, the app will remember your connection and show it active within the home screen of the app.
    • It will display information such as total run time.


Can I use only 36V batteries to power a RYOBI Brushless Lithium Zero Turn Ride-On Mower?


  • No, the product is designed to run on 80V batteries.
  • At least one 80V battery is required to operate the product.
  • 36V batteries are designed as boosters or an extension to the energy storage that increases the overall runtime.


How do you clean the RYOBI Brushless Lithium Zero Turn Ride-On Mower blade motors?


  • Regularly check and clean away any build-up of clippings.
  • Clean with a blower, brush and/or rag.
  • Never use water or other liquids to clean the ride on mower.


Should the RYOBI Brushless Lithium Zero Turn Ride-On Mower remain plugged into the charger when not in use?


  • Don't leave your RYOBI Brushless Lithium Zero Turn Ride-On Mower plugged into the charger when not in use.
  • Disconnect the product from the charger once it's fully charged.



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