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Stud Finder

Model: #RYSF5000 | Bunnings I/N: 5660744

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Need to find studs? The RYOBI stud detector makes it easy to locate studs behind plaster board. The two-handed operating system and built-in stud marker allows you to build an accurate picture of where the wall studs are positioned so you can hang shelves, frames or storage systems with confidence.

The stud detector features:

  • LED light detection system
  • Built-in central stud marker for clear identification
  • Detects metal, wood and live electrical wires behind your wall
  • 2-handed operation for greater accuracy
  • 1 x AA battery

Before going through walls with any of your power tools, use the stud detector to determine the best place to position your furniture or artwork. Add the RYOBI stud detector to your toolbox. Pick one up today by visiting your local Bunnings Warehouse.

All Airwave tools and petrol powered tools are now eligible for a 2 year replacement warranty.

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  • LED Lights for detecting the entire width of a stud behind plasterboard
  • Built in stud marker (centre indicator button)
  • Detects materials (metal, wood, Live AC wire) behind your wall
  • 2 handed operation for optimized calibration
Battery type:
1 x AAA
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