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Patio Cleaning Kit

Model: #RPWA-PCK | Bunnings I/N: 0018774

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For any patios, walls, and rough or smooth surfaces, there’s only one cleaner you need. The RYOBI patio cleaning kit comes with everything to tidy each surface you have outdoors. The extension makes it easier than ever to tidy the tallest walls of your house. Then set to a shorter length and your driveways, paths and patios will suddenly be brought back to brand new.

The perfect finish comes down to the control you have over your cleaner. The RYOBI patio cleaner is easier to control than ever thanks to the added handles. Whether you’re working down low or overhead, you can position the cleaner perfectly to tackle the toughest stains. You can even attach a detergent tank to help cut through those stains that have been there for years. It’s never been easier to bring your property back to life than with the RYOBI patio cleaner.

Get your RYOBI patio cleaning kit from your local Bunnings Warehouse today.

  • Added handles for improved control
  • Articulating head design for ground-up cleaning jobs
  • Optional detergent tank
  • Includes extension for added reach
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