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Expand-It™ Pruner Attachment

Model: #APR04G | Bunnings I/N: 3410083

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You can perform maintenance around your backyard without having to purchase a completely new garden power tool - simply convert any of your existing Ryobi attachment-capable units into a pruner quickly and easily by linking the Expand-It™ pruner attachment.

Backed by Ryobi's reputation for top quality, this power tool attachment would be a valuable asset for any DIY gardener, whether they're cutting down unruly tree branches or trimming hedges.

The design of the Expand-It™ pruner attachment has incorporated a number of handy features to ensure ease of use, quality and dependability:

  • Automatic chain oiling to guarantee the chain always moves freely
  • Steel gears to boost durability
  • A long shaft length of 254mm
  • Generous cutting capacity of 152mm
  • Thin kerf.

The best part is that you won't need a ladder to effortlessly maintain your garden! To find out more about this product and Ryobi's other tools and hardware, visit your local Bunnings Warehouse. Use our store locator to find the one closest to you.

All Airwave tools and petrol powered tools are now eligible for a 2 year replacement warranty.

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Bar Length : 254 mm

Cut Capacity : 375 mm

Chain Oiling: Auto

Chain Oil Capacity : 235 ml

Chain Type: Low profile skip tooth narrow kerf

Chain Gauge : 1.1 mm

Chain Pitch : 9.52 mm

Cutting Teeth: 40

Safety Lock: No

Total Reach : 2.7 m

Expand-It™ Pruner Attachment - Model APR04G

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