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Copper Adaptor

Model: #RPWA-CA-170G | Bunnings I/N: 0018780

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Increase the power of your pressure washer with the RYOBI copper adaptor. This handy adaptor allows the use of standard fitment accessories with the RPW-170G. When you want to take your outdoor cleaning to the next level, the RYOBI copper adaptor enables the use of turbo lances, additional hoses, brush attachments, and more.

Whether you’re washing your vehicle or restoring your driveway and other outdoor areas, you may need an extra hand tackling those tough outdoor cleaning jobs. With the RYOBI copper adaptor, you can transform your ordinary pressure washer in seconds, adding the right accessory to get the job done faster. The copper construction means superior durability for a longer lifetime.

Get your RYOBI copper adaptor from your local Bunnings Warehouse today.

  • Copper construction for added durability
  • Makes the RPW-170G compatible with more pressure washer accessories
  • Allows RYOBI 2400W 2500PSI pressure washer to use Straight Brush attachment, patio pleaning kit and the rotary brush.
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