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36V Pole Pruner Kit

Model: #RPP3626 | Bunnings I/N: 3380704

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Expand your range of battery-powered tools with the Ryobi 36V Pole Pruner Kit**. When it comes to tidying up your yard, you will often need to pay particular attention to rogue branches and unruly plants. Make this process a breeze with our handy kit - the perfect addition to your collection of tools and hardware.

This kit features our reliable 36V 2.6Ah lithium battery pack and charger. Thanks to the power of lithium-ion, our pole pruner is a great alternative to petrol and electric pruners, as you won't need to worry about purchasing fuel or manoeuvring around cords.

Just like our other power tools and garden tools, we have manufactured our pole pruner to increase user comfort and productivity. The relevant specs are:

  • 203mm bar length
  • Total reach of 2.9m
  • Cut capacity of 150mm
  • Chain speed of 5.5m/sec.
  • Like our other cordless power garden tools, this pole pruner is quiet, clean and easy to use. You can find your 36V petrol alternatives at your local Bunnings Warehouse.
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    Petrol performance without the hassle.

    36V provides a real power alternative to petrol and electric gardens tools with a push of a button. Range features more power, high efficiency and an increased run time. With a vast selection of gardening tools in the range, there is a Ryobi product to suit every green thumb task.


    Motor Type: Brushed

    Bar Length : 203 mm

    Cut Capacity : 150 mm

    Chain Oiling: Auto

    Chain Type: Low profile skip tooth narrow kerf

    Chain Speed : 5.5 m/sec

    Chain Gauge : 1.1 mm

    Chain Pitch : 9.52 mm

    Cutting Teeth: 33

    Safety Lock: No

    Total Reach : 2.9 m

    36V Pole Pruner Kit - Model RPP3626

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