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36V Brushless Chainsaw

Model: #RCS36B35 | Bunnings I/N: 3380804

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When it comes to clearing land, it's important you rely on high-quality, durable equipment. That's why RYOBI's 36V brushless chainsaw is the perfect addition to your collection of tools and hardware.

The 36V brushless chainsaw is a great alternative to petrol and electric chainsaws, especially if you don't want the hassle of maintaining petrol and oil levels. This chainsaw is instead powered by our 36V lithium battery, which has great results for efficiency, runtime and power output. It is a particularly handy addition if you already own other 36V garden tools.

The brushless motor boasts chain speeds of 21m/sec and a bar length of 356 mm. This increases cutting capacity, productivity and performance. And when it comes its design, you can expect RYOBI's standard of reliability; its lightweight structure and wrap-around handle increases user control and reduces fatigue, which is especially helpful for those long jobs.

If you're ready to tackle your outdoor work with a high-performing power garden tool, visit your local Bunnings Warehouse. Here you can get an up-close look of our brushless chainsaw, as well as our range of 36V garden tools.

All ONE+, 36V and 12V tools are now eligible for a 6 year replacement warranty with registration.

*Standard 4 year warranty, with an additional 2 year warranty available subject to online registration via All batteries have a 3 year warranty only.

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Petrol performance without the hassle.

36V provides a real power alternative to petrol and electric gardens tools with a push of a button. Range features more power, high efficiency and an increased run time. With a vast selection of gardening tools in the range, there is a Ryobi product to suit every green thumb task.

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Brushless Technology

40% more runtime, 20% more power, 10% more durability.

Ryobi’s new BRUSHLESS drills are packed with the latest innovative technologies. It’s not just a new motor, there’s an on board computer that controls the highly sophisticated electronics, state of the art Lithium + battery technology and an electronically controlled clutch. The combination of these innovative technologies working together optimises the tools output to deliver this huge performance increase.

Motor Type:
Bar Length :
356 mm
Cut Capacity :
300 mm
Chain Oil Capacity :
190 ml
Chain Speed :
21 m/sec
Safety Lock:

36V Brushless Chainsaw - Model RCS36B35

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