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2000W Heat Gun (Dual Temp)

Model: #EHG2000 | Bunnings I/N: 6210387

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Ryobi knows how to turn up the heat - this dual-speed, compact 2000W heat gun is a great addition to any toolbox. This power tool is ideal for stripping paint, softening adhesives, thawing frozen pipes, bending plastic pipes, shrinking fittings, soft soldering and more.

A 2-speed fan switch allows you to switch between temperatures of 400oC and 600oC, with an air flow between 250 and 500 L/min.

This 2000W heat gun also has a front heat shield to help direct heat flow, while an in-built thermal protection system will deactivate the heating coil if the nozzle is too close to the surface. This helps prevent fire hazards and over-heating.

The features of this heat gun include:

  • Powerful 2000W motor
  • Dual temperature switch (400oC/600oC)
  • Air flow of 250L/min or 500L/min
  • Front heat shield
  • Inbuilt thermal overload protection for safety.

Heat things up in your tool shed in all the right ways by adding this nifty device to your collection of tools and hardware.

To purchase a Ryobi 2000W heat gun, head to your nearest Bunnings Warehouse.

All corded tools are now eligible for a 4 year replacement warranty.

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Operating Temperature 1 : 60 - 600 oC

Speed Settings: 2

Flow Rate : 250 - 500 l/min

Variable Speed: No

2000W Heat Gun (Dual Temp) - Model EHG2000

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