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160cc 18" Petrol Lawn Mower

Model: #RLM46160P | Bunnings I/N: 3381285

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Keep your lawn in great shape with the 160cc 46cm petrol push mower. The-4 stroke engine provides all the power you need, while the 7 cutting heights offer more accuracy, so you can get the look and feel you want across your lawn.

Features you’ll love:

  • 160cc petrol powered engine
  • 46cm (18”) deck height
  • 55L clipping capacity
  • 7 cutting heights ranging from 25-75mm
  • Auto choke for easier start
  • 2 blades

As with most modern outdoor power tools, the petrol push mower comes with auto choke, making it even easier for you to start and get on with the job at hand.
Keep your yard neat and tidy. Pick up your RYOBI 160cc 46cm petrol push mower at your local Bunnings Warehouse today.

Product Videos

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Powered by a 160cc Ryobi OHV engine, which generates 8.5 newton metres (6.3ft lb) of torque

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Full ball bearing wheels for longevity, durability and smooth surgace travelling.

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18" steel deck

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Single point adjustment with 7 height settings (25-75mm)

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55 litre hard top catcher with fabric bottom for maximum grass collection

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3 position handle height adjustment for easy folding and storage

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Auto choke, auto prime

Engin type:
4 Stroke
Deck size:
Fuel capacity:
1.3 litres
Oil capacity:
No. of blades:
2 x swing back
28 kg

Lawn mower

55L Catcher

2 x Swing back blades

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