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1600W 36cm AC Lawn Mower

Model: #RLM16E36S | Bunnings I/N: 3381298

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Are you looking for a pain-free way to maintain a small/medium lawn? The RYOBI 1600W lawn mower is your simple and reliable power garden tool for the perfect finish. No more struggling to push a heavy mower emitting fumes and smoke. No more difficult pull starts or battling the choke. The lightweight electric motor guarantees you a smooth start every time. The RYOBI 1600W lawn mower is the ultimate outdoor tool for convenience. The 5-position height adjust feature makes for quick and simple height changes between 20mm and 70mm. The easy-fold handles also allow the unit to squeeze into the smallest of spaces. This is perfect for anyone without a large shed or workshop to store their tools. Get your RYOBI 1600W lawn mower from your local Bunnings Warehouse today.

All corded tools are now eligible for a 4 year replacement warranty.

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  • Motor 1600W AC
  • Catcher Capacity 45L
  • Cutting Path 360mm
  • Height Steps 5 Steps (20-70mm)
  • 1600W Lawn Mower
  • 45L catcher
  • Mulching Plug
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